El que no corre, vuela: CPR Dispute Resolution and COVID 19


The COVID-19 virus has affected all aspects of our daily lives, and we at CPR continue to monitor developments that affect our professionals and those to whom we provide services.  We are assessing the situation daily and monitoring all recommendations from the World Health Organization, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and state and local authorities. Rest assured that should the need arise, CPR Dispute Resolution can and will operate virtually.

The broader ADR community is facing increasing challenges as the virus continues its spread. As more and more companies restrict travel and communities restrict travel and large gatherings, questions have also arisen as to alternatives to face-to-face arbitration hearings or mediations, and CPR has taken steps to help parties and neutrals address these challenges. We urge parties and neutrals to discuss these issues as they arise.  Many of you are already familiar with virtual participation options through your firms or companies. For those of you who are not, CPR is pleased to inform you that as part of your CPR neutral benefits we have contracted with Modria, now part of Tyler Technologies, for a secure platform that allows for secure online document exchange and “chatrooms” for caucusing and general sessions in a mediation and communications by a single arbitrator and parties to an arbitration. Any neutrals wishing to avail themselves of this option should contact the undersigned.

Finally, while we offer no endorsements and urge you and parties to explore the security of these companies’ offerings having due regard to the ICCA -NYC Bar-CPR Cybersecurity Protocol, we have been informed that arbitrators may be using the following services for video conferencing in lieu of hearings (note a professional – not free — version is likely necessary to achieve the requisite security):

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