The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce at the European circuit arbitration event (21 September): «The Future of European Investment Disputes»

On 21 September, the European Circuit of the Bar Annual Conference will be held in Stockholm. On the day before, the same organisation invites to an Arbitration Event where SCC Deputy Secretary General Kristin Campbell-Wilson, SCC Vice Chairperson Patricia Shaughnessy and SCC Board member James Hope will be among the speakers.

The Arbitration Event will focus on two main topics: «The Future of European Investment Disputes» and «The Arbitration Melting Pot: Cross-Cultural Teamwork in International Disputes». In the first session, the following issues will be raised for discussion; post-Brexit dispute resolution mechanisms, the ongoing work of UNCITRAL in relation to the EU proposal for a Multilateral Investment Court, and the relationship of FTA and BIT/MIT law with EU law. In the second session, arbitrators and other practitioners will discuss cross-cultural teamwork in international disputes followed by an introduction to the SCC by Mr James Hope.

Read more about the Arbitration Event here.

The theme for the European Circuit of the Bar Annual Conference 2018 is «Cross Border E-justice».

Read more about the European Circuit Annual Conference here.

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